Maria Menounos & Derek Hough (59/60)

As most people know, Maria’s parents came from Greece and both worked as janitors in Massachusetts. She went to work with parents often, because there was no money for a sitter. She hated watching them struggle. She put herself through college at Emerson, and I have to say it’s nice to see a TV host who actually has some credentials and time spent toiling and working up through the ranks.

Argentine Tango–They start behind a curtain on the stage and he walks down the stairs with her hooked around his knee. It’s pretty cool. I know no one will agree with me, but it looks a little like she’s being carried here. Then again, Derek is just that good at this, and they have so much chemistry. Bruno calls it utterly fabulous. Carrie Ann talks about how proud she is at Maria’s progress. (30)

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