Gladys & Tristan, Melissa & Maks and Maria & Derek are all saved out of the gate.

Next up, Train. Ugh.  I don’t know what this song is called, but I really cringed at the lyric “my love for you went viral”.  Not every rhyme is a good idea.  I don’t care what else “viral” means in 2012, when you apply it to the word “love”, it still requires some sort of medication.  The saving grace here is that Louis & Cheryl perform.  Yay!

Sheila E. is back to play drums for a Latin flavored Macy’s Stars of Dance performance.  It’s fun but I can’t add much to it in writing.

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One Response to Dancing With the Stars Week 5 Results

  1. Don says:

    Dude. Hasn’t someone told Selena Gomez she’s famous on her own, now, and doesn’t need to keep pretending to be dating the ‘Beibs?

    We should pick her next bo’fro’ and ask our readers who should break up Beiber-Gomez (Go-Ber? Beib-ezz) and then trademark the couple’s nickname.

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