The dance is split screen, and I have trouble not looking at Jaleel & Kym, honestly.  This seems like it would have to be a slam dunk, and it turns out to be unanimous.  I wish I could read Derek’s lips when they cut to the other dancers, but I can’t figure it out!  Gavin is charming and sweet in his exit speech, and I hope he gets a nice bump in record sales from all this TV exposure.  And I hope he attempts to leave the house without a hat once in a while.

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One Response to Dancing With the Stars Week 5 Results

  1. Don says:

    Dude. Hasn’t someone told Selena Gomez she’s famous on her own, now, and doesn’t need to keep pretending to be dating the ‘Beibs?

    We should pick her next bo’fro’ and ask our readers who should break up Beiber-Gomez (Go-Ber? Beib-ezz) and then trademark the couple’s nickname.

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