My DVR cut off the first five minutes of the DWTS results show, which is something new.  You will never meet someone happier than I am to be switching back to my old cable provider next week.  Whole house DVR and the ability to record four shows at once may seem like some frivolous luxury item, but to me, it’s akin to oxygen at this point in life.  Anyway, so in my world, where this whole thing started at 9:05, we’re cutting right to the chase, and telling Rob and Cheryl, Elisabetta and Val and Ricki and Derek who among them are safe.  Ricki and Derek are first, or as Tom says, “Camp is still in session”.  Elisabetta and Val are the next save, and everyone is shocked.  Or Elisabetta doesn’t know what “safe” means.  The Kardashi-spawn is “in jeopardy”.  

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