Season three of  Mob Wives premieres Sunday January 6 on VH1. Before tuning in for the latest exploits of Staten Island’s toughest ladies, here’s a look back at some of the good, the bad and the mostly ugly moments of Mob Wives season two.

10. Renee’s plastic surgery nightmare–In an attempt to circumvent picking up anything heavier than a cigarette, Renee chooses plastic surgery to make herself look fit and healthy. Unfortunately, the complications almost kill her, and Renee winds up recovering in the hospital for weeks. She emerges emotionally scarred and her body looks the same as pre-surgery.

9. Drita, Karen and Ramona have a three-way throw down–At Renee’s birthday/”Celebration of Life” party, Drita, Karen and Ramona wind up having to be pulled apart after tempers flare. This altercation is the first of many events that draw a definitive line in the sand between Drita and Carla versus Karen and Ramona.

8. Renee and Junior reunite (again)–Renee’s philandering deadbeat ex-husband sweet talks his way back under the same roof as his wife. However, it is far from a happy ending for this tumultuous twosome. Renee remains distrustful and the couple deal with 22 years’ worth of issues in therapy.

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