Something we didn’t get in the first four weeks of this season’s Survivor is any info or intimate knowledge of anyone but John Rocker. Yes, last week we learned a little about one of the Handsome Brothers, but if you recall, he went from obscurity to the forefront to voted-out in a single episode. So when last night everyone dropped their buffs and the tribes were realigned, the season was rebooted.

Miss Michigan and John immediately annoyed me, so I can only imagine how they annoyed their tribe. Maybe …just maybe …CBS showed us the only two or three times they smashed face (aka “kissed’), but something tells me they not only kissed, but likely scurried off into the brush to “hide the idol” …if you know what I mean. And what I really mean, despite Baylor saying it wasn’t annoying, is that it will be annoying. And fast. Those two …so unaware of the world around them. I guess that’s how it is in a handsome man and beautiful woman’s world.

But what’s more annoying? Two people kissing? Or someone eating all your rice? For Angry Dad, he just couldn’t cope with the new members of his tribe eating rice until they were full. I have to admit something – I was confused about which tribe had lots of rice and which didn’t before the realignment. I think I have it as the tribe that was winning all the challenges was eating and was strong because of it, and their camp only had three days of rice remaining. The tribe that was losing all the challenges was rationing and had enough rice for a week. Which begs the question …was nourishment a reason one tribe was winning all the challenges? If it was, the rationing folks should’ve quickly adopted the nourishment folks procedures and policies.

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