It is with a heavy heart I write this Survivor recap. One of my favorite contestants, ever, was Terry (Super Terry) and as soon as last week’s episode started, he was ripped from the game to attend to a family health emergency back home. I’ll say this to CBS …Terry had better get a 3rd chance someday when you a do a heroes versus villains reboot, or when you throw some Survivor alum into a future season. Of course, when it’s not a season with all-repeats (like this season), he’ll immediately be a target and will be voted out by helpless new players, but damn. It’s just not fair.

If you’re going to leave the game, Terry had the best reason – his son was about to have an emergency heart transplant. What a punch in the gut, but then again, what a slap in the face to even us jaded and angry bloggers …this is a show meant to amuse and entertain us. We get emotionally into the contestants and the drama, but as I have often rationalized in previous recaps over the year …there’s not much difference between most game shows and Survivor. It’s all these reality shows really are …more expensive versions of The Price is Right or Let’s Make a Deal. Think about it for a minute. Then watch this video of Super Terry and his son post-heart-surgery.


Everyone was emotional. Kass cried. Yup. Kass. Hard to believe.

But Terry is a player. And I’m a blogger. And Terry would still want me to talk about the nonsense even though we’ve just established it’s just a TV show.

Things definitely happened. Joe became a target thanks to that idiot Fishbach. Fishbach has been useless this season and suddenly he starts trying to turn people against Joe and what made me jump off my couch and shake my fist at the TV was the fact that Joe didn’t have any allies willing to bring this info to him and turn on Fishbach. I mean, last week, Monica threw out a casual idea that the girls should stick together and Kimmi couldn’t wait to go rat her out and tattle on her and …bam. She was gone. Seems like Joe deserved the same respect but I’ll be damned if things hadn’t switched up and Joe’s tribe was at tribal, he might’ve been voted out.

This is what sucks about being strong in physical challenges and getting too close to the merge – contestants like Joe suddenly outlast their usefulness to the group and become targets. Then need to win every immunity challenge to stay in the game, and the more immunity they win, the more of a threat they become and the physical specimens just can’t win.

But, luckily, CBS switched everything up and Joe’s tribe won immunity and didn’t have to go to Tribal Council. And this week, we’ll merge, and Joe will be on his own or will have to solidify his alliance and make sure he’s in a final 4 of final 5. Although, I think he’s going to be fooled.

Once again,  Spencer was in the losing tribe and was receiving votes against Woo, but the Spencer-charm proved too much and Woo is gone. Which is the best thing for the show. Woo is, as I’ve said many times, useless. He’s not playing. He’s drifting through the season and why was he blindsided by this? Because he’s completely out of the loop when it comes to strategy and moves. Easy for me to say as a guy sitting on his couch seeing all the wheeling and dealing, but Woo and Spencer should’ve been working together and trying to flip people. Instead, Spencer begs and pleads for his life and Woo is presented with options and always says, “I’ll have to think about it.”

Moving forward, I’m rooting for Joe, Spencer, Kelly Wiglesworth (who should’ve won instead of Richard Hatch), and Tasha (because she’s another one fighting soooooo hard and she’s, once again, on bad tribes and in the minority voting side of those tribes). And I’m rooting hard against Abi-Maria and Fishbach. So if that’s upsetting to you and you wish I’d report and recap fair and balanced, well, find another blog. I’m completely biased and play favorites.

If it counts for anything, you are my favorite reader. I mean it. You. That’s right. You.

This week it looks like we’ll have the big merge and from this point forward, everyone voted out will be part of the jury and it can’t get here soon enough

Thanks for reading and see you after Episode 7.

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