Like Zeke from last season? He didn’t make the top-5 in his season. What part of Survivor did he change? He was bold, confident and in control for a while, until he wasn’t. He played in the last season where nobody gets angry and everyone starts “playing the game” from the very first week.

Don’t get me wrong. I like Zeke. He’s entertaining. He’s a fan of, and student of, the game, and that makes him interesting playing with so many legends and past players.

We can’t have every season full of past contestants, but I really like a season like this where we can skip the formalities of homesickness, shock about the true harshness, and we can get right to game play. Good game play.

The night got started with Jeff Probst making them all jump overboard and empty all survival equipment and food onto a raft while we watched Super Ozzy swim to the floating advantage. Why, CBS? Why the formality of pretending anyone had a chance of out-swimming Ozzy to dive down, untie ropes, and retrieve a sunken treasure?

Is Ozzy one of my favorites, ever? Yes. Is Cirie my other favorite player, ever? Yes, again. And are they at odds because Cirie betrayed Ozzy? One more time. Yes. Is my heart aching watching them not get along? I don’t like when Mom and Dad fight. I hope they join forces to dominate and they can save their feud for after the merge and when they both make the top-3.

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