If you’re reading me and spunkybean for the first time, oh yes, I have strong opinions.

Like this opinion –  I hate Tony. He’s the only Survivor winner ever that I hated the entire time, had zero respect for his game, and think the only reason he won was because he was on a season full of weak-minded morons. There was Tony, this season, within seconds of arriving on his beach, bounding off into the woods screaming he was going to find the Immunity Idol, and then later building a hiding spot in the ground only footsteps away from the water well. I want to call it a “shallow grave”, as in he dug his own grave by playing so stupid. He’s known for building a spy shack and I guess he thinks that was game-changing. He used it once during his previous season, and it barely gave him an advantage in his previous season. Last week, within days of arriving at Season 34, he made enemies of Troyzan and Sandra on day-3. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

We have a long season ahead of us, so let’s just cover the significant things that we got from Episode 1.

The Losers

Ciera was voted out. Was she one of the games best? Or was she aided because her season was Blood v. Water and that premise, contestants automatically paired up, made Survivor a little easier for her? Yes. During her season she voted out her mother, but not until way, way late in the game and not before telling her Mom she was about to do it. Without that advantage, she wasn’t able to get into an alliance and was a little too arrogant thinking she was calling the shots.

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