Tony is gone and, woohoo, I couldn’t be happier. Most recappers and Bloggers are heartbroken, but I say again, he was the worst winner in the show’s history in what many call the worst season, and if I wasn’t watching the past few seasons with my kids, and watching it partly through their eyes, eyes free of cynicism and hate. Eyes that never saw what the best of the best do to win this game. Some found him entertaining. I found him an insult to a show I consider one of my favorites.

The Mega Players

Sandra. She won twice. She should have a huge target on her back, and yet Sandra plays this game so incredibly well, I’m not sure anyone can do what she does. She fights with the weaklings, but does it without bullying them. She buddies up with the “cool kids” and always manages to find herself in the powerful alliances and directing what everyone thinks. It will be hard for a two-time winner again, but if she makes it to The Merge, she might be the best player ever (better than Boston Rob or Russel Hantz, if you’re wondering about my rankings).

The Handsome Gang. Ozzy is the leader, but JT, Caleb, and Malcolm make for a helluva four-headed power monster. This game, lately, seems to favor the mother hens and the women usually do outwit the dudes, and when the games gets to a certain point where the strong and mighty win physical challenges, the weak always join forces and vote out the strong men. But, Don, you ask. What about Tony? He just won it all last season? That’s true. But he didn’t win any challenges and wasn’t a strong player, outside of the fact he found all those hidden idols. If these two can drag one more dude into their alliance, they could do some damage.

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