Sorry, my friends and readers, like Kasie at the end of this week’s episode I’m sure you were all wondering “what the fuck happened?” when I didn’t write an article last week.  Unlike Ben with Kasie, I’ll at least pull through with an explanation…. the thought of spending my Valentines Day (I watched it a day late) writing an article on how Ben’s love for Courtney continues to grow felt too horribly depressing, especially when my special day boasted nothing better to do than drink red wine and watch Reality TV.  Now, let’s quickly check the teams and get on with the Battle of the Blonde (guess we don’t need to make that plural anymore) vs. the Brunettes:

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One Response to The Bachelor: Hometown Dates–Blondes vs. Brunettes

  1. koleen says:

    I couldn’t agree with you assessment more! As hard as it is to admit I think his chemistry with Courtney is better than with any of the others. Besides, being as he is kind of a dork (hair is bad, clothes are bad) I think Nikki and Lindzie are above all of that and deserve better! I now hope Courtney is the one! Ready to be done with this season of The Bachelor. Already looking forward to the new Bachelorette!

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