You may ask, “do we really need 2 hours of The Bachelorette each week?”  And I may answer, “hell, yes, we do!”  To quickly recap last week, Richard was creepy and didn’t get a rose, Jason revealed he has a son, and Ronnie was a dick and got sent home, oh, I mean DeAnna chose other guys.  Ronnie don’t get rejected.  To quickly precap, we’re gonna have stock car racing, Natasha Bedingfeld, uncomfortable moments, a singing contest, a fight which leads to DeAnna yelling at the group, and lots and lots of candles.

I suggest you read some of this recap this morning and some later.

Chris Hansen opened the show by making the 9 remaining guys understand there’s only nine of them remaining.  Robert, Jason, and Fred, because they solved a series of complex Calculus problems, would be going to live in the big house with DeAnna.  He also explained the week’s dates would include a 1-on-1 date, a group date, and a 2-on-1 date where only one man would return.  The 1-on-1 date, Chris explained, would be earned by the bachelor who writes and performs the best song for DeAnna.  Jesse claimed he wanted to punch Chris Hansen in the teeth for this idea.

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For those who don’t know, I also write the American Idol column so how perfect is it that there’s a singing competition integrated into The Bachelorette.  OK, so no one’s excited but me.

Most guys kinda dreaded this task, but not Brian, the High School Football Coach with prematurely graying hair.  He ‘loves putting pen to paper.’  He loves everything.  He loves the mere idea of a helicopter, he loves dress-up clothes, and he loves dressing like a cowboy.  Brian must give some incredible half-time speeches.

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