Alright folks, this is REALLY starting to irritate me. I love the ellipses. I mean I LOVE it. Sometimes I think I invented it. It’s my written go to. I like to think people see the ellipses and think “oh is that a piece of Stacey’s writing?”. Well not anymore, I don’t even want to be associated with those 3 perfectly situated periods. Not after the shear desperation that I now associate it with. That’s right, Ashley’s shear desperation for Bentley, and his damn quote of the century. At this point I think we can all agree that Ashley is by far the most undesirable Bachelorettes to ever grace this show, and this having nothing to do with her looks, brains, or talents (which are all quite lovely) but solely based on the scent of desperation and insecurity she carries with her. That being said, I think we can also all agree that Ashley is pretty much unfit in her current maniac state of mind to be conducting my important experiment (who makes a better partner blondes or brunettes?) but at this point I don’t think the ABC execs will grant me a stand-in. They enjoy publicly humiliating people far too much. That being said, I have no choice but to carry on with my research however biased it may be (as if Team Yellow needed anymore favoritism with me already writing these articles).

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