Oh, boy, did I get a lot of material for my dating and relationship ebook, last night. Yes,  I’m writing  a book based on things I’ve learned on The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor Pad. Mainly, sulking and pouting, and occasionally breaking down into tears, is how you keep the ladies happy and intrigued. But you’ll have to wait for the book. Sorry. For now, we’re just going to talk about Angry Dad (aka Doug) and Pointy Nose (aka Chris) and how one got sent home, one survived, but neither ever had a chance.

But quick before we talk about The Bachelorette and Emily, let’s talk about outsourcing. What are your opinions on it? If you think a blog about pop-culture isn’t a place to discuss politics, well, you haven’t read my American Idol recaps where I routinely get into discussions about the 2nd Amendment (if indeed that’s the amendment about guns and such). It feels like outsourcing was a big hot-button issue during a recent election, but I can’t remember which election. Interestingly enough, this fall’s election will seemingly focus on in-sourcing. Make up your mind America! Do we want to send work out of the country for foreigners to do, or bring foreigners into our country to do our work?

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One Response to The Bachelorette, Episode 7 (I Want to Recap the *bleep* Out of this Episode)

  1. Karen says:

    Stacy did a great job filling you in. And I agree, the Sean searching the streets for Emily was so obviously staged. But hell, it makes good TV, right?

    Also, do you realize you can watch the show on ABC.com,and Xfinity or On Demand if you have comcast.

    You did a great recap even without watching the show!

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