Ames (who will be played by Fred Savage in the movie adaptation of the Ashley story on Lifetime)

Chaddsford, PA is Ames’s hometown. And in seeing his mother’s massive home on a rather large estate, I’m starting to think Ames is the result of some sort of genetic experiment – except they messed up on the teeth and the upper cranium, even though he needs that larger skull to hold that superior brain of his. I feel bad for Ames because, despite how smart he is, one thing he couldn’t learn in all them books and at all those fancy schools is how to love and navigate a relationship. This is a centuries old problem for nerds. Nerds are labeled “nerds” early in life because they ask many, many questions rather than learn by trial-and-error like the rest of us cro magnons. Nerds, not to be confused with geeks or spazzes, learn early that most questions have answers. They learn that the more answers you have before trying something, the more likely you are to succeed when you try that thing. Nerds know that almost anything can be learned. Math. Reading. Facts upon facts upon facts. They learn from the experiences of others, and then succeed and try and improve. But they know there is an answer.

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