But nerds sometimes struggle in matters of romance and sports – because these are things with way too many variables. Ames flat out admitted it to Ashley. He said being a little socially awkward was tough when he was young, but made him who he is, and he appreciates it. Like Bill Gates …I’m betting Bill Gates didn’t get all the girls way back when, but he’s done all right. The problem is, Ashley is also a nerd but ABC has made her pretty, dressed her up, and set her up with a house full of handsome dudes and suddenly this former nerd thinks, hey, I can hang with the beautiful people. When the cameras are finally all gone, however, her nerd tendencies will bubble to the surface. Ask yourself …are Ben C. and Constantine “smart”? A restaurant owner and a guy who inherited his families vineyard? When and if she has children with Constantine or Ben, they’ll be to’ally OK with their kids getting Bs and Cs, but Ashley would hit the roof.

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