I’m not saying Ashley is ugly, but in real life, she’d never be asked out by Constatine, Ben, or Bentley. She’s turning her back on her nerd past. It’s going to get her in trouble.

Ben (he will be played by Hugh Grant)

Next we went to Sonoma and sauntered around Ben’s family’s vineyard.

The biggest obstacle here will be Ben’s sister who, and stop me if I sound jaded, is obviously not very happy herself, so when she says she wants to protect Ben, she actually means, “since I’m not happy and can’t figure out how that works yet, I can’t have you goin’ off and finding love and being happy – it’s not fair.” I’m reading quite a bit into his sister’s 2 1/2 minutes of screen time, but I get the feeling she does not approve of his cavalier approach to dating, and just willy nilly leaving the family business to fly off to L.A. and become a reality star, even if this was all her idea. My guess is she thought, “fine, Ben thinks he’s such hot shit, let’s get him on The Bachelorette and see how it goes.” Oops. It backfired. He’s in the top-3 …and not just Ashley’s top-3, but today after seeing his vineyard and seeing him subtly cry while talking about his dad, he might be in the top-3 for about 10-million women across the country.

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