It’s no wonder Ashley is diggin’ him …he’s a very pretty rich kid. He cries. My wife shouted, “I do” when Ben was blubbering and breaking down reminiscing about his father. (Note: Ames didn’t cry at all over his two dead dads …not judging …I’m just pointing it out). I’ll say this …if he’s really as perfect as he seems, I’d rather seem him as the next Bachelor, because there’s no way it’ll end well for he and Ashley.

Bald-Guy (aka J.P. …who will be played by Shia Labouf in the movie adaptation)

I didn’t want to like the Ashley-J.P. date and I haven’t liked J.P. for a while, but his skate-date, I thought, was a pretty fun idea. He doesn’t have a family vineyard, he’s not ethnic, and he’s not impressively intelligent. J.P. had to rely solely on his cleverness. It was the New York street fighter, versus The Brain, versus the sophisticated California wine mogul, verse The Greek.

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