J.P. also went right to his painful past relationships rather than talk about hopes and dreams and the future. Ashley isn’t sure. This is history repeating itself. Ashley was the J.P. of last season. Ashley made a brilliant first impression on Brad Womack. Enough of an impression, in fact, that he kept her around until the final three. But Brad (and Ashley) kept waiting to get as excited about each other as they were on that first date at the abandoned carnival theme park. Brad and Ashley, likely, were wrapped up in the moment of being the first one-on-one date of their season. I think J.P. and Ashley are experiencing that very same fade. Their one-on-one, I’m pretty sure, was the second of the season for Ashley. Woo hoo …it was so fun, and new and exciting. Ashley was all like, “I’m totally going to let all these guys fawn all over me,” and J.P. was like, “I’m totally on TV and stuff – hi, Mom!” They were as in love with the cameras and attention, more in love probably, than they were with each other. For example …imagine if your first date with someone is on a private jet, and there’s expensive champagne flowing, and you hop off the plane in Brazil right in the heart of Carnival and hop in a limo with Ashton Kutcher? Are you going to even remember a single interesting thing about the person you took with you? Or just the stuff that surrounded your date?

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