J.P. and Ashley aren’t a fit. First, she’s not impressed with his family and his background – which I’ve come to determine Ashley is making her decision based on equal parts ‘the person’ and ‘the dowry.’ And, hey …lots of people get married using that criteria.

The main reason J.P. and Ashley won’t work is because they are both high-strung (both spazzes). Both of them are wound tight. J.P. is insecure and second guesses things, and so does Ashley. At least that’s what I’m seeing. Two high-strung individuals can’t be together. In a good relationship, when one person freaks out about a raccoon in the attic, the other has to remain calm and handle the situation. If a raccoon were in J.P. and Ashley’s attic, it would end them. They might burn the house to the ground, drain their bank accounts, and flee the country. I mean it …this is what two high-strung people do when they’re together.

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