Well I have quite a few things to say tonight, and more likely than not, it’s due to the one too many glasses of wine I consumed during our budget update.  Come on Prez, wtf, I’m tryin’ to get my The Bachelorette on!  Needless to say once the Obama address was over I wasn’t feeling much better.  Sure my Monday night entertainment was back, but here I was watching this insecure twaddle dum (I’m talking about Ashley) getting her mack attack on with 2 totally sexy, sweet & well adjusted dudes who were sidebar claiming to fall in love with her while my sad, 29-year-old ass was lounging on the couch with a notepad, pen, and bottle of sweet white.  Seriously, I am SICK over this.  As far as I’m concerned I spotted JP first while she was too busy memorizing Bentley’s name.  Regardless of my jealous rage and unnecessarily long tangent there is still research to be done, so lets get too it, shall we? Do Women prefer men with long hair or short (according to Ashley Herbert)?Team Fabio: Ben, Constantine Team Yankee: JP-1 Team Yankee? (Obama does have a buzz cut):  Things I fast forwarded through… Not sure who to award this one to but things I fast forwarded through this evening included but are not limited too: Ashley’s recap of the hometown dates, Ashley’s post date chats with Chris Harrison…… and the Presidential address

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