These recaps are way more fun when there’s a villain or a dunce who’s part of the show. Like, remember on the last of The Bachelor when there was Courtney, the evil, shallow super-model? We all loved hating her. Remember Brad and what an idiot he was? Or …whoa …what about that Ashley chick who ended up with the bald stalker guy. Remember how she was flat-chested and insecure? That’s how The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are supposed to look like.

But, no, instead, we’ve got three of the most self-confident and genuine “people” who’ve ever been on this show. Emily, Jef, and Arie seemingly have real emotions and rationale thought. I wanted to hate Jef all season and kept waiting for him to show himself to be a dope, but ya know what, just like Arie admitted in “After the Rose”, Jef’s a good guy. And more and more of my readers and Bachelorette friends have fallen for Jef.

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One Response to The Bachelorette, The Finale (Emily Chooses Jef)

  1. Karen says:

    “He may as well have been wearing a propeller beanie cap, knickers, and have been carrying a lollipop.” That was the shorts and knee high socks look he was going for….

    I grew to love Jef with one f and even though all along I thought it should be the chemistry with Arie, I think she made the right decision. I am very happy with Jef!

    But, I have a great idea, I think they should revamp the show. When it comes down to the final, we pick. We just vote like American Idol. What do you thinK?

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