Last night, the best show on television made its triumphant return the NBC airwaves …I’m talkin’ ‘bout The Sing-Off! Perhaps that’s a bit overdramatic, but seriously …The Sing-Off, are you kidding me? That show is DA BOMB!

Do people still use the phrase “da bomb?” No matter, I love this show and by the fact you’ve read well into the second paragraph of this recap, you must agree.

The Sing-Off was back with all its time-stretching, lack of performing, and poor hosting courtesy of Nick Lachey. But this article is not about laughing at NBC and their naming of this show. I mean, I guess it is a “sing-off”, but given the fact it’s a show about A Cappella singing, and I’m picking up on the fact that A Cappella groups agonize over clever, creative names, I’m thinking NBC coulda come up with something a little less literal. Like, maybe “A Cappella or Nothing.” Or “A Voice in a Crowd.” Something! If you gave me a few days, and it was my job, I’d come up with something clever. Trust me.

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