Talk of The Town landed in fourth place and Nick (I have to assume, on purpose) asked the question “Jerry, do you have any final thoughts?” Ha!

The Backbeats ended their run in third place, which was more than fine by me.

As we pegged from day one, Committed won, with Street Corner Symphony coming in second place!  And I think that’s OK.  Committed clearly needs the push into the music industry and I feel like Street Corner will now have the connections from just being on the show to move ahead.  They had a unique sound amongst the groups, that truly bridges A Capella and rock.  Jeremy Lister has a true frontman vibe.

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One Response to The Sing Off Finale, ACappella Groups sing off

  1. Andy says:

    Committed were my faves all along :D! awesome to see them win it 🙂

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