This Monday brought us the finale of The Sing Off, a performance show where every contestant, the judges and even the host sing live a capella.  There are no backup dancers, pyrotechnics or light shows to obscure possible vocal shortcomings.  The fact is, there aren’t very many, because all the acts on this show are truly talented at this unique art form.  The judges are all accomplished singers and songwriters, and offer a lot of valid, coherent critiques.  Sure, there’s plenty of nicey-nice and empty platitudes, but these people have trained ears and when they notice a problem in a performance, they don’t generally say it was “pitchy, dawg”, but rather point out exactly what it was and offer ideas on how to correct it. The finale was loaded with great performances, including one of a 98 Degrees song that you probably haven’t heard in over a decade, but will now be lodged in your brain if you watch this video.  We forgot Nick Lachey can really sing!


Runners-up The Dartmouth Aires had the second most unexpected performance of the evening, with a rousing, theatrical rendition “Paradise by a Dashboard Light”. Their lead singer, Michael Odokara-Okigbo, is a superstar in the making who infuses each performance he gives with an insane amount of energy and vocal horsepower.  We expect him to do big things! <

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