Last night they first performed a song of their choice, and their second song needed to be from the 60s.


Everyone knows I love Afro Blue, and when all is said and done they will probably win (or should), but last night belonged to the Mormons, aka Vocal Point, for just one song.

First, they sang Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never” and I gotta say, if you can let your brain forget that Beiber sang this thing, it really ain’t a half bad song. Someone obviously wrote it for the ‘Beibs so it could be featured on The Karate Kid remake and the song would sell the movie as much as the movie sold the song. It’s a pretty nice message. I joked with my 6-year-old that Beiber says he’ll “never say never” and yet he says it twice right in the title. Funny, right? Well, among 6-year-olds, that’s comedy gold. On this performance, Vocal Point wasn’t as entertaining as last week, but this group is so polished, and their lead vocalist so good (reminds me of Patrick Stump, actually), it’s hard to find flaw with them. If Vocal Point were to be sent home, it would simply be because the judges already favor another college group.

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