For their 1960s performance, Vocal Point chose Sinatra’s “The Way You Look Tonight” and that was brilliant. Everyone thinks “60s” and think they gotta go British Invasion, folk rock, Simon & Garfunkel, summer-of-love, or something psychedelic. But Vocal Point remembered, guys like Frank Sinatra were still making albums and touring and charting. Agreeing with Shawn Stockman, I think their performance was smooth, fun, masculine, energized, entertaining, and great. And then, they mixed it up and changed up the song and pace about four times. And this is why I think Vocal Point won the night.


If you recall, this collegiate vocal group coasted by with “Put Your Records On” two weeks ago and they were so simple in their delivery, yet so good, I commented that they were toying with the rest of the groups. They showed just enough that it felt like they were a pool hustler. I’ll bet they walked around back stage the past two weeks pretending to be intimidated and overly impressed with everyone, acting just happy to be there. However …secretly, they were deciding between their B-, B+, or A- song choices and trying to figure out just how much to show to make the next round. It’s called the “long con”. In a cappella singing competitions, I think it’s called the “long song” …or something. And yes, you’d be surprised at the seedy underworld of a cappella singing. The stakes are high. It’s crazier and more sexy than Fast and Furious (all four movies) and the modified small car midnight drag racing world. You DO NOT want your kids to join an a cappella group is allz I’m saying.

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