Anyway, Afro Blue is my favorite. And their first song, Estelle’s “American Boy” could play on any R&B or Smooth Jazz station in the U.S. Even Nick Lachey said it “was ridiculous” and Shawn Stockman, always overly excited about anything R&B, freaked out. This group …I will be downloading this from iTunes today. Sara B. and Ben Folds …gushing. Ben Folds asked, with all the layers and moves, and changes and part, “how do you remember all that stuff.” I’ll answer that, Mr. Folds …it’s because they were formed by a higher power.

In the 1960s section of the show, they destroyed (in a good way) Marvin Gaye’s “I Heard it Through the Grapevine.” Like Ben Folds said …they did things on that song that  went right over our heads. This is like a varsity team playing and competing with the JV squad. Yes, some might say they like those groups that jump around and dance a lot and have choreography, but if you put these performances all on CD and could only listen, this is the song you’d listen to twice.

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