I’m saying …it was an odd choice. Let’s judge some singing, shall we?

Yellowjackets went with “The Show Goes On”. Holy crap …did they add 100 more dudes to their group? For the first time, they outsang all their lead vocals and the lead singers. It was insane. Confusing, scary, and if I had an a cappella nightmare (which is a pretty weak nightmare as far as nightmares go), this song might’ve been it, except maybe in my dream there’d be a clown with a knife who hits a buncha flat notes. That would be scary. The judges agreed with me and put them in the bottom two. What happened …keep reading.

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One Response to The Sing-Off, Round 5, Week 5: Top-8 Perform

  1. Rochelle says:

    Love your blog! Thanks for keeping it up for the lonely Sing-off fans! 🙂

    Just a note — it was actually the Collective that was voted off, not Urban Method.

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