So Urban Method and The Yellowjackets found themselves in the bottom two and both had to perform a song by Nelly, and both were good. Luckily, and you know how I love my collegiate a cappella groups, The Yellowjackets will live to sing another day. Which means, on hip-hop night, the group with the rapping guy was booted. This is going to wreck their group, because the rapping guy is gonna be all like, “it ain’t me …awwwww naawwwwww.” And he’ll blame the white girls who sang so poorly, and I’m guessing the group will break up. Orrrr …they’ll just kick out the rapping guy and focus more on their singing.

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One Response to The Sing-Off, Round 5, Week 5: Top-8 Perform

  1. Rochelle says:

    Love your blog! Thanks for keeping it up for the lonely Sing-off fans! 🙂

    Just a note — it was actually the Collective that was voted off, not Urban Method.

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