I’m just trying to help The Sing-Off. I love this show. I certainly like it more than I like Fox’s X-Factor. Maybe, if I want to see The Sing-Off stick around, I should download some of the songs on iTunes …or look up some past winners and buy their CDs. I’m sure I won’t, but it’s a thought.

If you’re joining my recapping late, and you only passively watch the show, this season is being touted as “bigger” and “better”, which means they started with 16 groups instead of 8 or 12 like the first two seasons. 8 groups performed last week (and two were sent home), and 8 more competed last night (and two more were sent home). So 16 groups became 12 groups and next week we’ll see 6 groups singing two songs, and then the next 6 groups will perform the week after that. Gotta hand it to NBC, they know how to bring confusion to a reality competition and stretch the season out forever. Don’t believe me, just try watching America’s Got Talent for an entire season. Like this last season I saw this chick doing flips on a balance beam, a balance beam being held by two dudes, and I saw them audition in May. Then I kinda got distracted and in August, when I tuned back in to see if there were any interesting acts, the balance beam chick was still competing.

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