Pentatonix – Last night featured two 5-person groups fighting an uphill battle in a field full of 8, 10, and 20 person groups. But this young group did that Katy Perry-Kanye West song, “Alien”, and featured one of the most stellar basses I’ve ever heard. Shawn Stockman compared their bass to his old Boyz II Men buddy and it was a fair comparison. Shawn even went on to say it felt like they were cheating and secretly pumping in some synthesized bass and/or sound effects. Plus, their primary vocalist had rock-star quality vocals.

Dartmouth Aires – I’m always a sucker for a collegiate a cappella group and the Dartmouth Aires certainly didn’t disappoint. We’ve seen about 8 college groups in these three seasons and this group is by far the best we’ve seen, and I’m not just blinded by their multi-colored clothing. This group is good.

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