The Deltones (from University of Delaware) – Another large collegiate a capella group with a touching story of being born of 5 rejects who, many years ago, didn’t make Delaware’s primary a capella group. Apparently those tone deaf hacks had something and their 5-person group has grown into a 20 person ensemble. They sang a Randy Newman song called “Home” and I was shocked to learn Randy Newman apparently has quite a few songs not featured in a Disney-Pixar film – meaning, I had never heard this song. This was a risky performance because they let their lead carry nearly the entire song and the background¬† vocalists, beatboxing, and rhythm was kept to a very low minimum. But their voices and arrangement were soooooo good, they could’ve stood off stage and entertained me.

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  1. […] Uncles sang bass, and grandma beat-boxed (we would’ve dominated as a family a capella act on The Sing-Off, btw …recaps of my favorite show at spunkybean), it’s entirely possible we sounded more like we do in the […]

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