Congrats to all my fellow The Sing-Off fans …together we’ve made this show, a show born of a holiday hiatus and a summer fill-in, into NBC’s latest desperate attempt to have their own singing competition show that matters in pop-culture. Woo hoo! Yes, it’s on NBC, which is barely a step above having a singing show on ESPN, but hey …it’s our show. We’re such a junkies for a capella singing, we’ll take it wherever we can get it. It beats begging strangers on street corners for a four part harmony with some beat-boxing.

The Sing-Off is back, and so is boyishly charming host Nick Lachey – who, I’m pretty sure, was flirting with me. As far as TV hosts go, Lachey is a notch below Mario Lopez and still has a long way to go before he can charm us like Seacrest (American Idol) and Bergeron (Dancing with the Stars). Anyway, he’s had some coaching, it’s obvious. If NBC is using this in place of Chuck (Chuck is cancelled, right?) for two hours every Monday for what looks like the entire fall season, you can tell someone told him “smile more”, “loosen up”, and “pretend you’re flirting with the women watching at home.” He was definitely flirting, and I was smitten.

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One Response to The Sing-Off, Season 3, Premiere: It’s Twice as Big (Half as Watched))

  1. Myndi says:

    Yeah, Delilah was awesome, and adorable to boot. I liked both of the college groups that performed, although I could have done without the whole “Mormons can still date! And also kiss!” pre-roll package.

    And, FYI, Chuck was NOT cancelled, rather it was moved to Friday for a fifth and pre-determined final season.

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