It was week two of the Battle Rounds last night and there were some fantastic talents on display, but in the end, there were no upsets or shockers moving on to the live shows.  Also not shocking?  That everyone was wearing the same clothes as “last week”.  The structure of these episodes is not my favorite, but the music is pretty entertaining, so we’ll soldier on.

Geoff McBride vs. Sera Hill (Team Christina) “Chain of Fools”–This battle proves the validity of the thought I had the other day.  Wouldn’t these battle rounds be even more fun if the teams actually did battle with each other?  Christina stacked her team with the likes of these two gifted vocalists, and she has to pit them against each other rather than get to sic them on, say, Cheesa, who won last week?  Either of them would have destroyed her!  Wouldn’t those battles be more interesting and rewarding than these?  Christina, Lionel and Jewel are all blown away by the two artists in practice, making this all the more intriguing.  Anyway, Jeff and Sera were both remarkable on the Aretha classic, but this one went to the clearly more commercial artist.

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