Week two of the live shows brought us some real frontrunners from Team Cee-Lo and a couple of disappointments from the seemingly strong Team Adam, plus one gigantic snub by Christina Aguilera, who seemed to be reading from dress rehearsal notes the entire time.


Katrina Parker–”Tonight, Tonight”  Katrina is clearly going for a niche.  She’s even styled like Adele…hair, makeup and clothes..but the choice of doing a 90s Smashing Pumpkins tune is a nifty one.  She looks radiant and her vocals are on point.  Christina throws out “pitchy” and Cee-Lo didn’t like the song choice, since he feels it is suited best for Billy Corrigan’s “tortured” voice.  Adam disagrees; he thinks it’s theatrical and big and Katrina did it well.

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One Response to The Voice Live Shows, Performance Week 2 (Team Cee-Lo and Team Adam)

  1. Barbara Nielsen says:

    How is Jamar the “front runner?” I guess I just don’t get it. His performance added nothing new to the song. It was karaoke on steroids.

    I am kinda of tired of people’s backstory being more important than talent. Oh well.

    As long as Erin hits the road, I’m good.

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