Goody Mob performed with Cee-Lo and they were all dressed like C-3PO, but with glow in the dark dental appliances.  It’s kind of a cool song, and I feel like it should be in a Superhero movie this summer if it isn’t already.


The team performance was “Instant Karma” with Adam on drums.  Tony’s not bad, but the best part of the song was actually the drumming.  A very forgettable vocal overall, especially considering how well the kids did individually.

Katrina Parker “Jar of Hearts” Katrina was all glam makeup, gown and extensions backed up with a strong, husky voice.  She could make a really cool record. Blake called her voice sweet and powerful.  Christina appreciated the consistency.  She wanted her to just embrace being Katrina Parker rather than worrying about comparisons to Adele or anyone else.  Cee-Lo joked about people calling him Brad Pitt in the airport.  Adam admitted she wasn’t one of his favorites on his team at the start, but she’s now evolved.

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