Tony Lucca “Hit Me Baby, One More Time”  Well, that was a fun little surprise.  He really duded up a chick song and gave it some swagger.  Although, to be fair, he’s not the first person to do it with this tune.  I’m always surprised at how great this song’s lyrics are for such a bubblegum record.  Carson said it was “Beiber Loud”  when Tony finished singing.  Christina wants Britney and Justin to show up for an MMC reunion.  Yeah, good luck organizing that one.  Ultimately she admitted to thoroughly enjoying it.  Blake called it “smart” and said it pissed him off.

Pip “Somewhere Only We Know”  He was not wearing a bowtie, started at the piano and then worked the crowd a bit.  The falsetto ending kind of derailed it.  Blake and Adam both noted the same thing.  Harbingers of doom, one and all.

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