Jamar Rogers “It’s My Life”–Maybe I was still settling in, since Jamar went first, but was there fire, grafitti and, um, swashbuckling coal miners on stage?  Did you know that Jamar was the first person the coaches heard in the “blinds”? Me neither!  I feel so cool now!  Adam called him amazing, and exactly where he needs to be with Cee-Lo.  Blake thought the song was perfect. Christina said he’s one of her favorites.  Cee-Lo announced  “I would proudly stand beside you and fight.  Win, Lose or Draw.”  Everyone’s inspired by Jamar.

James  “Just the Way You Are” Ladykiller #2?  Just, no.  He was wearing another monogrammed JM jacket, this time in silver, embellished with tiny spikes.  “I took them good times, I’ll take them bad times”?  Stop trashing this song!  Las week it was a park bench, this week it’s trees, and cute teenage girl who emerges to sit on steps at the end of the song.  It’s like a weird New Kids video.  It was snoozy at best.  Blake said it kinda laid there, and Christina agreed.  She wanted something a little different from last week.  Adam said he loved it, probably more to buck the kid up in the face of the silent audience who clearly didn’t.  Cee-Lo talked about him reciprocating the love of ladies in the audience.

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