Later, Carson pretends to introduce Justin Beiber’s new video when the man child himself creeps out onstage. (He did this schtick already on the Kids Choice Awards.  Enough!)  We get about 45 seconds of the video and pimping of the 6/19 release date of his album.  Carson invites him to perform “Boyfriend” on the finale, and  he accepts.  OK, look, I’m not a huge Beiber fan, but by all accounts he’s a nice kid and he gives to charity and whatnot.  Therefore, I don’t get the icy reception he receives from Christina.  He gets the one handed bro hug from each of the male judges, but goes in for a polite hug from Christina, who tries to give him a stiff handshake and a half-hearted “Hello”, but has to submit to the hug.  She doesn’t make eye contact and her body language is like she just cannot be bothered.  Seriously, she looks like a total bitch right here.  Right?  Or am I nuts?

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2 Responses to The Voice Quarterfinals Part One Results

  1. EJ says:

    “the one with less ironic hair”. HA!

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