Team Blake performed an acoustic concert with their coach.  Each singer went out with just a guitar and sang, and then surprised Blake with a song as well.  Sweet, somewhat pointless filler.


Team Christina is up first for the results.  “I am no stranger to controversy, and I’m OK with that.”  Yeah, no kidding.  America’s save: Chris Mann.  Seriously, America?  I have no idea how that happened.

Ashley De La Rosa “You and I”  It was strong in parts, but breathy at times, but she’s fighting for it.  I love how Adam deals with people who shout his name during his critiques:  “Love You Too, but just shhh for one second, so I can talk to Ashley!”  Hee.  Adam said it wasn’t his favorite, but he would probably keep her around based on her overall growth.  Blake agrees.

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2 Responses to The Voice Quarterfinals Part One Results

  1. EJ says:

    “the one with less ironic hair”. HA!

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