Team Blake Results.  America’s save: Jermaine Paul.  Oooh, so Blake will be forced to choose between the broad and the Kewpie Doll!

Erin Willett “Proud Mary” She has a strong, commanding presence on this classic, and it’s all in tune.

RaeLynn “If I Die Young”  Her voice gets annoying after a while, and she seems to be rushing a bit, running out of breath a couple times.  Adam says it wasn’t his favorite, and says he would’ve done some different things with her had he been her coach.

Winner:  Blake struggles with his decision so much that the credits start to roll, and quickly, too!  Carson’s brain begins to explode because they are about to go over time and he begs Blake for a name.  He finally picks Erin, and we’re out!  Happy with the results?  Can someone explain to me why Chris Mann won the vote?

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2 Responses to The Voice Quarterfinals Part One Results

  1. EJ says:

    “the one with less ironic hair”. HA!

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