This is being dubbed “The Quarterfinals” , but  then, this show likes to make stuff up on the fly.  For example, Team Blake & Team Xtina each have to perform one instant elimination each tonight.  The judges all hate this twist (did they really not know?) except Adam, who likes it.  Also, Cee-Lo is wearing a shirt that says “Crime Scene” which is just weird.  In the social media lounge, Christina Millian looks like she forgot to take out her curlers.


Xtina met with her team at a Starbucks in Crenshaw, a community store that gives a portion of its profits back to the neighborhood.  The team heads over to Crenshaw High to visit with their choir.  They surprise them during a practice and invite them to perform with them on the show.  The team performs the Christina classic “Fighter”, with their coach leading the way.  Everyone has a solo,  though Ashley and Jesse fare much bettter than Lindsay and Chris.  Actually, I’d say the gospel choir fare better than Lindsay and Chris.  MVP, however, has to go to Xtina’s corset, which does an incredible job of not exploding under pressure.

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