RaeLynn “She’s Country” Blake is frustrated when people who come to the country genre without “representing the country lifestyle”.  RaeLynn, you see, lives on a farm.  So, all you suburbanites with your fancy booklearnin’ who want to sing country, Blake is not interested in your fakery!  I know that Blake won’t want my city slickin’ opinion, but it’s not bad.  She’s very confident (I have no doubt my 5 year old son would call her “sassy”).  Christina says she’s inspired to sing country (which she later did for a few bars).  Cee Lo said it sounded like AC/DC did a country song.  Adam says she had a moment.  Blake is extremely proud and says she proved that country can kick ass.  I’m not sure that was really ever in doubt.  Why does Blake have such a chip on his shoulder today, man?

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