Jordis Unga ”A Little Bit Stronger” The tattoo sleeves don’t really match the strapless mermaid ball gown, but the vocals are solid.  Jordis is holding back and unleashing her voice in all the right spots, and she really displays some vulnerability, as Christina says.  Cee-Lo agrees.  Adam compliments her connection with the song.  Blake points out that Jordis is a writer ( I assume of songs) and he wants people to know.

Erin Willett “Set Fire To The Rain” Erin and Blake lost their dads three weeks apart, it turns out.  They’ve developed a nice connection there.  I like that the song is slightly re-arranged to more properly suit Erin’s voice.  It’s similar enough to Adele’s version but Erin owns this take on it.  Christina and Cee Lo feel Erin did the song justice.  Adam says he got “very Jewish with the fire” that surrounded Erin onstage; he was worried for Erin’s safety.  Hee!  Adam points out that her phrasing was slightly off, but overall thought it was great.  Blake calls it amazing, of course.

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