Jermaine Paul “Against All Odds”  Oh sure, the exact song I just cited as an example of what American Idol contestants should never be allowed to sing again.  The thing is, Jermaine kills it.  He just makes it a signature R&B song.  Christina calls him her favorite on Blake’s team.  She notes his connection to the music.  Cee-Lo says Jermaine gave the song soul and loves his character and conviction.  Adam says he might have over-embellished just a bit, but says he doesn’t have to do all that.  Christina grumbles a bit next to him because that’s her entire schtick.


Jesse Campbell ”Halo”  His daughter is his inspiration.  Jesse stands at the top of a staircase inside a picture frame.  We soon see a bunch of pictures of Jesse and his daughter all around the stage.  She’s in the audience, looking thrilled and mortified simultaneously.  Jesse is reminding me a little bit of Ben Vereen, although it might just be the fedora and the suspenders.  (And between that reference and a song called “Payphone”, this recap seems a little extra retro!)  Cee-Lo calls it wonderful and enjoyed the staging.  Adam took a minute to “feel” the song choice, but then he loved it, saying Jesse’s a favorite.  Blake agrees.  Christina compliments the production values without saying a word about the vocal.

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