Ashley De La Rosa ‘Foolish Games” It starts with Ashley seated on the floor, and a bit shaky in her lower register, but she hits a powerful glory note near the end.  She seems nervous and shaky the whole time, but it somehow makes her seem more authentic.  Cee-Lo says it great, and little else.  Adam says she’s a big surprise to him in the competition.  Blake agrees, saying Christina’s save of her was the best thing to happen this season.  Christina says she’s growing by leaps and bounds.

Lindsey Pavao “Part of Me”  Does she sound like Delores Riordan from The Cranberries to anyone else?  Two words: Human Microphone.  She comes into the big note a little bit flat, at least to my ears.  I don’t see a lot of joy from her.  Cee-Lo points out the elaborate staging, and mentions that he’s never heard the song before.  Adam: “I hate being the dude that says pitchy, cuz that’s stupid”  (Did you hear that, Randy?)  Blake says he’s already a fan.  Christina raves as well.

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