Oh, how this show is frustrating me the more I think about this damn battle round thing.  Why bother building your teams so carefully if you’re going to dismantle them almost immediately?  I’m sure it all comes down to having even numbers going into the live shows, but it just makes less sense the more I think about it.  

Team Christina: Ashley de la Rosa d. Jonathas

This one seemed close up until the actual performance began.  Ashley is a little green, and Jonathas has some experience.  His voice sounds just like the R&B stars he’s covering.  But it was her fresh face and more winning presence onstage that sold Christina. You could actually say Jonathas was a little creepy, and his close singing with Christina in rehearsal (though it was at her behest to do the duet) sealed his fate.  She didn’t say that, but it’s my job to speculate wildly, so why the heck not!

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