I keep forgetting to mention that I find it hilarious and peculiar that whenever anyone mentions Kelly Clarkson’s previous show, American Idol is never once mentioned by name. I mean, no one says anything about Miranda Lambert being on Nashville Star, either, but that’s not exactly what she’s known for. I also must hand it to some of the online comments I’ve read since last night! People offered lots of cool ways to switch up battle rounds for next year. Perhaps have the guest mentors pick the pairings, keep the coaches blind during the battle and have the picks go down that way. Or, have the coaches set up battles for their rival coaches. There’d be some stragtegy involved and some actual use of the team concept, but it still insures the teams have even numbers going into the live shows. I like it! Both of these ideas keep the relevance of the blind auditions for another round, and the team concept, which is barely implemented right now. Are you listening, Mark Burnett?!

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