That being said, here’s how last night went down for this year’s hopefuls:

Team Christina:  The coach split her points 50/50 for Chris Mann and Lindsey Pavao and the audience result gave Chris the win (104 to 96).  It was clear here that Christina was letting them duke it out, which is fair since they’re such different artists.  Lindsey was tearful in her goodbye, and I was just grateful that Christina’s outfit covered her ass.  I can’t see how Chris wins this show.

Team Adam: In the show’s most controversial move, Adam split his points 60/40 in Tony’s favor, stating that he felt more of a “connection” with Tony and felt like he could work with him to somehow win the show more easily than Katrina.  He actually used the term “bromance” which made a nation collectively nauseous.  The final vote revealed that America begged to differ…Tony beat Katrina 108 to 92, so a 50/50 split would have put her in the finale.  The people most pleased with this turn of events are probably the family in my neighborhood that have that “Vote for Tony Lucca” sign on their lawn.  Christina Aguilera, not so much.

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